Game Modes
One thing I am considering is the inclusion of different "game modes" (optional rules) in the core rulebook to reflect different rules environments. These would modify the function of Archetypes and the rate at which feats are awarded.

Standard Mode, the default rules:
1 Primary Ancestry and 1 Primary Occupation; can replace one Primary with two Secondary.
1 secondary Bloodline can be purchased by Feat
1 Feat every odd level
1 bonus Feat every sixth level, selected from Archetype with least Feats.

Classic Mode: I am considering either Standard or Classic for Galactic Dragons.
1 Primary Archetype, either Ancestry or Occupation (race-as-class)
Up to 1 Secondary Archetype purchased by Feat
1 Feat every odd level

Gestalt Mode:
1 Primary Ancestry, 1 Primary Occupation, 2 Secondary Archetypes (Occupational/Bloodline)
1 Feat each from Ancestry and Primary Occupation every odd level (ASIs and Categories do not stack)
1 Feat from each Secondary Archetypes every fourth level (ASIs and Categories do not stack)

Barbarian Mode: I am thinking this would be perfect for Shroompunk.
1 Primary Ancestry, 4 Secondary Occupations (Barbarian Mode Occupations are narrower)
Additional Secondary Occupations can be purchased for 1 Feat each.
2 Occupational Feats every at 2nd level, 6th level, and every four levels thereafter.
1 Ancestral Feat and 1 Occupational Feat every fourth level.
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Barbarian Mode needs a lot of work. Better just to scrap it, since I'd plan on dual-statting Shroompunk anyway.
FaerieGodfather Games
Gestalt probably needs a system to keep ASIs consistent, like rules for what happens when they overlap.
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