What is Sellswords & Godwars?
Sellswords & Godwars: Old School Player's Options in Fantasy Roleplaying is my own foray into the OSR community, attempting to emulate-- very loosely-- the character customization possible with the Player's Option supplements and with other late '90s (and early '00s) roleplaying games that inspired them.

It does this by taking the SRD rules-- the PFSRD and the SRD 5.1-- and converting all of the automatic class bonuses (proficiency, BAB, saves, spells per day) into Category Bonuses (based on archetypes and feats) and converting the bulk of the class/race features into feats.

If it sounds like feats do a lot of heavy lifting, you are correct: these are big, juicy 5e feats, that also provide Ability Score Increases and, as mentioned, Category Bonuses and Class/Race features.

Characters get a number of "talents"-- feats without ASIs or category bonuses-- at 1st level from each of their Archetypes, their Ancestry and one or more Occupations, plus one Feat at each odd level including 1st. Every 4th, characters get a bonus feat drawn from whichever Archetype has fewest. This allows them to build their character to match their concept at a much earlier level.
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