What is Shroompunk?
Shroompunk is a standalone game using the Sellswords & Godwars (or Barbarians of Lemuria) rules in a brutal, psychdelic Sword & Sorcery setting based on equal parts Conan the BarbarianHeavy Metal magazine, and Nintendo Power. Turtle-knights joust in mid-air from the backs of giant birds, while muscle-clad barbarians trade fireballs with carnivorous plants in the Warp Pipes that interconnect all of the Nine Worlds. A thousand years of peace and prosperity ended abruptly, almost twenty years ago, and a generation of heroes has arisen who only know the lure of easy coin and the song of the flashing blade.

Shroompunk will involve extensive changes to the Archetypes system of Sellswords & Godwars: all-new, all-different Occupations, all-new Ancestries (only the Human remains from core), entirely different magical Spheres and Circles, and so forth.
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