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These forums are for having fun. They're for helping other people have fun, and for asking people to help you have fun.

They are not for grinding your sociopolitical axes, regardless of what they are or if I agree with them.

And they are not for your gatekeeping bullshit.

Treats the other posters with hospitality and respect, or else.

Recognizes that games & playstyles you do not personally enjoy, and the gamers who do enjoy them, are legitimate roleplaying games and forms of entertainment, or else.

Refrains from tribalist exclusionary bullshit, in all of its myriad varieties, or else. Unless people are using these forums to hurt other people and exclude them from gaming spaces, they are welcome here-- and people who try to change that will not be.

And, finally, don't fucking jam me up with law enforcement. No copyright infringement, no illegal commerce, no pornography of any kind, no discussion of real-life means of acquiring the same. The internet is full of web services designed to make finding these things easy without endangering my livelihood.

All you need to stay out of trouble here are a little bit of common courtesy and a little bit of common sense.
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